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This is Brenda. She graduated high school before you were born. She’s a good neighbor and she votes. So should you.

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In the 2014 midterms, only 23% of voters age 18-34 showed up to vote.

C’mon guys, we can do better.


Tuesday, Nov. 6
6 a.m. - 7 p.m.



In April elections, the average age of Springfield voters is 68. Overall Greene County voter turnout in April 2016 was 10.43%. Local elections may not make national news, but the results have a real impact on your life.

It couldn’t be easier: Show your ID, draw some lines on a form, DONE. It’s faster than a Buzzfeed quiz, and you leave with a free sticker.

Small things can make a lasting difference. Like: Glitter.


This Sample Ballot PDF shows what you’ll see on Tuesday. Read on below for more info on the candidates and issues. Get the highlights of what local media, businesses and citizens are saying. You can spend, like, 30 minutes reading articles. You don’t even have to search. They’re right here.



U.S. Senator and Representative are on the ballot this November, as well as many state and local offices. This handy site gives you bipartisan info on candidates, tailored to your address. Read up! It’s easy!

[Go to Vote411]

U.S. Senate - Missouri

Senators serve for 6 years, and they decide all sorts of pretty important things. Like, oh, you know, Supreme Court Justices for example.
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Claire McCaskill - D
Josh Hawley - R
Craig O’Dear - I
Japheth Campbell - L
Jo Crain - G


There are 7 (seven!) issues on the ballot. We’ve gathered resources to help you learn more and cast your votes with the unabashed confidence of a much dumber person!

Amendment 1

Addresses lobbying, campaign finance, and redistricting procedures


Amendment 2, Amendment 3, Proposition C

Legalizes marijuana for medical purposes - 3 separate measures

News-Leader: Medical Marijuana, a Voter’s Guide
News-Leader - Proposals differ in taxing, regulation

Amendment 4

Changes requirement to manage bingo games and advertising at bingo games

Fox 4 KC

Proposition B

Increases the state minimum wage to $12

Ozarks First

Proposition D

Increases gas tax, provides tax exemption for Olympic prizes, and creates fund for projects to improve roads and alleviate bottleneck traffic

KOAM TV - Joplin

Find more easy-to-digest issue info here: Ballotpedia (It’s like wikipedia, for democracy!)

You’re an American, dammit! Make some choices! (Please.)


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